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Organizations with planners who run their own programs and are constrained by time and staff are ideal candidates for our services. We offer significant assistance in the areas of cost savings, attrition penalties and hotel contracts in general.


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What is a hotel site selection company?

Hotel site selection companies are dedicated to identifying and securing the best location for your program. They provide specific, focused expertise to match your needs with the best properties available. Typically they will obtain as many proposals as necessary, evaluate them and present you with a list of viable options. In today's environment, site selection companies are especially focused on contract language that will help prevent problems that may develop as the program takes place (e.g. attrition and cancellation clauses).

What can we do for YOU?

* Research and identify properties that meet your requirements.

* Make initial contact with properties in a single or multiple destinations.

* Obtain proposals or have them sent directly to you.

* Review proposals for accuracy and confirm they address your needs.

* Provide a summary of proposal highlights.

* Negotiate hotel contracts and concessions.

* Review contracts for deposits, cut-off dates, attrition penalties etc.

* Arrange site inspections.

Questions About Hotel Contracts

Are you getting pick-up credit for all rooms regardless of how they are  booked?

Are you comfortable with hotel room and F&B attrition clauses?


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